Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates at Optimum are 1-2-1 sessions with our Sports Therapists who have the skill, expertise, and experience in assessing and treating Sports Injuries and back/joint conditions. Clinical Pilates sessions are 1 hour, and are tailored for the individual with thorough explanation to Pilates, ensuring you understand how to ‘find’ your core, and to perform the correct and safe exercises right for you and your injury or condition.

We understand that everybody’s bodies are different, and we have our own quirks! These sessions will highlight any imbalances and weaknesses. Home Pilates programmes are often prescribed to practice safely in your own environment, to gain strength to the deep core and stabilizing muscles, and to mobilise the spine/joints. This will help aid back to full recovery, and back to your sport/ active lifestyle.
Perhaps you may then be tempted with one of our small Pilates classes within our dedicated Studio? We have a maximum of 8 people in any class, to ensure precision and control of every move is executed, and that you exercise in a safe and effective way.



Pilates for Men

This is a mixed level class, aimed for the cyclist/runner/triathlete or anyone into sport. This Pilates class targets known weak/tight areas and muscle imbalances which sport dictates. Strengthens the deep core, enhances performance/endurance and technique.